I Want Boudoir Photography. Now What?

Boudoir Photography Is What I Love, And What I Do.

There is certainly no shortage of boudoir photographers floating around local towns and cities. Just about anyone with a camera, and $49 can register a business name, throw up a Facebook page and claim to be the all knowing Buddha of boudoir photography. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you would want to give them your hard earned money, and let them mash their finger on the shutter button a few hundred times as you sit half naked on an old bed, which you have no idea how many bare behinds have occupied before you. Before entrusting a boudoir photographer with your time and money, here a few suggestions that will most definitely make your choice the right one.

What Kind Of Boudoir?

Before you start the daunting task of finding the perfect boudoir photographer, you must find out exactly what type of boudoir you feel comfortable doing. Do you want to do something more traditional in a bedroom with lingerie, or maybe something outside on a beach or in a beautiful meadow? Would be more comfortable doing something less risqué, such as a shoot wearing only an oversized men’s dress shirt? Maybe you would prefer finding a photographer who specializes in retro pin-up boudoir, complete with a classic 67 Camaro and bright red lipstick. No matter what kind of boudoir photography you want to do, you must first make that decision so that you can narrow down a list of photographers who specialize in what you want. There are tons of boudoir ideas on the web, but one of my personal faves are boudoir ideas on Pinterest. You will find countless boudoir styles and ideas that you may want to replicate. Once you have an idea of what you want to do, you can then look through the website’s of your local boudoir photographers, and try to find someone who has some experience doing what you like.

Should I Find The Best Deal?

First and foremost, I would like to say that boudoir photography is no different than cheese. You get what you pay for. Boudoir photographers may be plentiful, but you can certainly expect a wide variance in their pricing structures. It won’t take you long to figure out that the more experienced photographers will most undoubtedly charge for their experience. This is where you need to decide if you are willing to settle for less than the best. My advice is to find the photographer you love and say “To hell with it, I’ll save until I can pay for what I want!.” This is an experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life, and look back upon in the years to come. If the photographer you want to work with is out of your price range, then suck it up and find a way to make it happen. Work some overtime, have a yard sale, give some plasma or shine up your Volvo and spend your weekends picking up drunk college kids as an Uber driver. Just remember…the smell of Eternity and well vodka in your back seat will eventually fade away, but your photographs will last forever.

It’s Gotta Feel Right

Now that you know what kind of boudoir you want to do, found a photographer you love and saved up your money, it’s time to meet your photographer. I would highly suggest taking the time to meet with the photographer before you book the shoot. If you haven’t realized it yet, you will be stripping down to your skivvies, while letting a complete stranger take pictures of you in an extremely intimate setting. Trust your instincts when you meet, and make sure that you mesh well from the very beginning. If something doesn’t feel right from the very start, then chances are you won’t be comfortable prancing around in your underwear as they tell you “Give me your sexy smile.”. If it doesn’t feel right, then find another photographer.

Shoot Day

Once you’ve found your new photographer BFF, it’s time to make sure that you are prepared for the shoot. A great photographer will make this extremely easy on you, and give you some simple and detailed instructions to get prepared. Just in case yours flunked out of photography school, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Don’t wear contacts. Contacts will prevent your eyes from having a sharp clean look in the photographs. Even though you may not be able to see, your eyes will look amazing, which will make it all worth while.
  • Wash the bottom of your feet. There’s nothing less sexy than a girl with dirty feet. You may end up in a pose with your legs straight up in the air, and you will certainly want to avoid looking like you’ve been running around in a barn.
  • Alcohol is your friend. The last thing you want to do is show up to the shoot as a drunk mess, but there is nothing wrong with having a couple glasses of wine before you pull out your headlights. Some photographers will have wine or champagne handy, but just in case they don’t, keep some delicious boxed wine in the trunk of your car.

All-in-all, your boudoir experience should be one of the most memorable days of your life. With the right preparation and the right photographer, I’m certain that you will become a raging boudoir junkie who will eventually put out your own calendar.

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